Why wont my kitchen sink hold water?

It seems like everytime I go to wash dishes I have to fight with the sink stopper to get it to hold water in the sink. I have bought new ones and they either are not the same or something. HELP!!!!!!!!

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  1. anOLDfishGUY Says:

    Greg, buddy, life is too short to get wizzed at these things.

    I suggest a few things here…

    Use paper plates / plastic utensils, microwave food and avoid the dishes.

    Get a dishwasher (used for $50) and stuff everything in there.

    Get your wife / girlfriend / partner / roommate to wash the dishes.

    Do the dishes in the bathtub, keep the kitchen looking spiffy.

    Be creative and non-stressed… 🙂

  2. RAYMOND K Says:

    Your sink SUCKS!

  3. Rabid Rabbit Says:

    You must have a big hole in it!

  4. purple_penguin_pixie09 Says:

    The gasket on your sink stopper is the wrong size. Try to get a new one. They make all kinds of stoppers, you may have to get the circumferance of the drain and go to the hardware store and see what they suggest.

  5. Pluto Says:

    I had this problem in my other place!! I thought I was going to go friggin nuts!!!

    Either mash it down in there, or get a bathtub plug. The bathrub plugs are usually really big, and they’re real flat. They have a little notch at the top for you to grab ahold of, so they won’t get in the way of your dishes.

    If you own your own house, you can also replace the sinks/drains with ones that don’t require special plugs, or mashing of the plug lol. But I’ve found the bathtub plug works better then mashing it. Because when you mash it, you make things worse in the long run.

  6. Alex Says:

    I had this problem in a previous place I lived. I kept buying sink stoppers and they were never quite the right size.
    In the end I bought one of those "universal plugs" that fit any size hole in the sink. It was only about a couple of dollars (USA).
    For washing dishes you could get a plastic bowl to use inside the sink.
    You will find either item in a hardware store.

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