Where do the dirty dishes go in respect to the kitchen sink?

May sound random but inquiring minds are curious. Merci.
I think I wasn’t specific enough. I meant to say if you have a counter surrounding your sink which would be hard to picture otherwise, would you put the dishes that could not fit in the sink on the left or right or nearby table in respect to the sink.

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  1. aw2285 Says:

    i put the dirty dishes in the side that has the disposal. or the one farthest from the dishwasher (your dishwasher could be on the right or left of the sink so the farthest from the dishwasher), then rinse the dishes in the sink closer to the dishwasher. 🙂

  2. Joseph the Second Says:

    IN the Sink- to be washed & then placed in the Drainer- to dry…

  3. King Vista Says:

    Usually, I place dirty dishes in the left sink, usually, this is also where the garbage disposal is located, however, before I do this I will usually close off this side with the rubber plug and then add dish liquid & hot water. I like to use the sprayer to get plenty of sudz. After, I place the dishes in the hot sudzy-soapy water ad let stand for about fifteen min, then, I wash them before placing them in the dishwasher. Sometimes, I just wash them and then place them in the right sink for rinsing.

  4. joanne o Says:

    on the left

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