what are these tiny flies around my kitchen sink?

i have these tiny little flies around my sink and they are not coming in through the door its like they form around the sink. i even tried pourin bleach down the drain and they still come. i want to know how do they form like this? they look like gnats but im not sure what it is… if you know what this is help me! thanks-

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  1. Eviechatter Says:

    Probably Gnats, I have them too if I leave any fruit out ,
    Or if I have garbage in the kitchen.
    You probably need to spray with raid. Make sure there is no food out for the spray to get on, Then get out of the house for at least 30 minutes.
    When you come back in open some windows to air out the house and make sure you wash your counters and anything your food might touch.

  2. Paul in San Diego Says:

    They are probably fruit flies. They came in on fruit you bought at the store, or they came in through a window or door (some are small enough to fit through screens).

    They congregate around your sink because they like the moisture. They’re probably not coming from the drain, unless you put a piece of infested fruit down the garbage disposal and didn’t turn it on.

    Get a general flying insect killer (Raid, Black Flag, etc.)and spray them when you see them. Just be careful not to spray food or utensils.

  3. greenin3 Says:

    What you have our fruit flys. They can be there for many different reasons. The best way to kill them is to put out a bowl or small cup of apple or regular vinegar and a drop or two of dish soap in it. This will take care of the bugs, the next problem would be finding out what is causing them to be there.

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