Was told antifreeze poured in my kitchen sink will prevent freezing hot water pipes. What about water smell?

Won’t water taste odd, smell oily after antifreeze poured in sink? Won’t washing clothes smell oily?

10 Responses to “Was told antifreeze poured in my kitchen sink will prevent freezing hot water pipes. What about water smell?”

  1. Adam D Says:

    you could use rv antifreeze to keep the p trap from freezing

  2. pickmefirstplz Says:

    the pipes that bring the water in are not the same pipes that take the water out

  3. noname Says:

    it’s the incoming water pipes that you need to prevent from freezing, not the outgoing ones. the outgoing pipes are usually empty anyway. by pouring it in your drain you will not be affecting the incoming pipes at all…sounds like a pretty bad strategy to me. maybe you need a new plumber?

  4. Christopher Michael Says:

    Uh don’t do that. Then the antifreeze will get in the waste water and get deposited where ever that ends up. Antifreeze is toxic.

  5. Skillet Says:

    NO what you pour in the sink goes down the drain not in the supply lines. Antifreeze is toxic DO NOT put it anywhere near you’re kitchen.

  6. Ro-bot Says:

    Whoever told you this knows nothing about plumbing.
    Your drains go straight to the sewer system and the antifreeze wouldn’t get anywhere near your water supply pipes. It wouldn’t even protect your drain pipe, as it would be flushed out the next time you used the sink.
    If you have pipes outside or under the house that you are worried about, wrap them with pipe insulation.

  7. Hondu Says:

    Antifreeze in your kitchen sink won’t protect your hot water pipes or affect your house supply water in the slightest way. Only if you were to wash your clothes in the sink immediate after pouring the antifreeze in, you might, get a little residue on the clothes. But it won’t be oily. Automotive Antifreeze is ethylene glycol, which is not oil, is considered a hazardous waste, and is highly poisonous, so you shouldn’t pour it anywhere. It sounds like whoever told you that had just had a shot of the stuff himself.

  8. PD cee Says:

    If this keeps up, we as the human race are doomed! I don’t know who to be more upset with – the one who advised anti freeze down the drain (doesn’t matter non toxic or otherwise, it won’t prevent frozen pipes) or the one who doesn’t know how their kitchen sink works!!!

  9. gramof6 Says:

    Bad idea … pipes you want to keep unfrozen are the ones bringing in clean water so just hang a light bulb under the sink leaving it on and most of the time it warms the pipes and you will have flowing water.Antifreeze is toxic.

  10. Gerry X Says:

    first of all why would the hot water lines freeze? they have hot water in them. A good trick for this is to leave you cabinet door open so the heat from the house can get to them. thus not letting them freeze

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