my kitchen sink backs up into my bathtub but the bathtub wont drain,drano or liquid plumber don't work?

plumbing is old and the little knob that lets the water drain is rusty and generally messed up,like i said the kitchen sink will drain but will drain into the tub and then the tub wont drain at all, and do it yourself plumbers have an idea,do i need a new tub.

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  1. napper Says:

    Drains/wastes are very blocked.
    Do youself a favour and call a plumber but when you do make sure you tell them you have put chemicals down. I am a plumber and have had burns from chemicals because the customer did not tell us. If we know we know how to deal with it. You have found out the hard way that chemicals 99% of the time don’t work. The only ones that make money out of them are the manufacturers and the shops. Shops will tell you it works every time so they get a sale.

  2. ocularnervosa Says:

    Your sewer vent is clogged. You need to clean it our.

  3. Danny Says:

    No, you don’t need a new tub, but you may need a plumber, or a drain cleaning service. Sounds like your main drain line is clogged and needs to be "snaked"out.

  4. mklwis Says:

    The sewer pipe that accepts drain water from both the kitchen sink and bath tub is plug-up. The reason why the kitchen sink backs up to the tub is because the tub is much lower than the kitchen sink (remember water seeks it’s own level). The house should have a sewer pipe "clean-out" located on an outside wall. There is probably more than one clean-out located on different sides of the house, look along the exterior walls next to the kitchen sink area and the bathroom. Remove the plug from the clean-out and put in a sewer snake and work it in to the sewer pipe. You can rent a snake from Home Depot. Caution: if you have never used a snake you are probably better off hiring a drain plumber to do the work. Using a snake requires work and patience.

  5. Michael Clark Says:

    you need to check with the tub again.. i can suggest you to visit the site who serves good in plumbing near your area

  6. Jerome Says:

    try baking soda and white vinegar

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