Is it OK to put coffee grounds down the kitchen sink drain?

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  1. Kathi Says:

    It shouldn’t hurt, in fact I run a coffee filter full through my garbage disposal once a week or so.

    If you don’t have a disposal, just make sure you run enough water to flush the grounds through the trap under the sink.

    Better than putting them down the drain, put them on your plants, inside or outside, coffee grounds are great for all kinds of plants!

  2. New Nana Says:

    It shouldnt hurt a thing unless there is grease in your drains. I would run very hot water. You can put them on your flowers or around the base of your house to keep ants at bay.

  3. stevetower Says:

    Only if you have a disposal and run it with a lot of water, otherwise you are asking for a clog.

  4. Vanessa B Says:

    just put them in the garbage…coffee grounds tend to gum up the drain in the long run.

  5. David T Says:

    the grounds like to clump, even with flowing water. (like how annoying it can be to clean out a french press because the grounds just keep sticking to the glass 😉 eventually enough of them will stick together in the drain or get lodged and cause a clog, especially if you’re in the habit of pouring vegetable or animal fats down the drain, or if you’re a daily coffee drinker.

    grounds make excellent compost, but they are really acidic and so should be added to a compost pile. applying directly to houseplants might harm your prized plants.

  6. Green Me Says:

    Its not good to put down the drain, but don’t throw it away either. Put in your compost bin, in your garden or make coffee soap. One person is selling coffee jewelry on ebay.

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