how to Replace washer in kitchen sink?

I have a sink that has one lever, which controls the flow and temperature of the water. My sink is dripping. Any ideas on fixing the drip?

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  1. etcher1 Says:

    Try this link, it should help you identify the type of faucet you have. Hope it helps.

  2. treedaum Says:

    This type isn’t as easy to repair, but the best thing is to find out the make and model and go to the hardware store to find the correct replacement parts. You may even need to disassemble it first, but avoid that if you can in case you can’t find the right parts. If you’re not particulary handy, you may want to ask for assistance, as this is not a super easy repair (not super difficult either). You will need some tools too, possible an allen wrench and slip-joint plyers. Make you you pay attention to how it is disassembled so you will put it all back correctly.

  3. T Mike Says:

    This is actually pretty easy to do, just gotta get the right part-
    If you can see the mfr./model # you should be able to do a web search and find easy step-by-step instructions-be persistant-they are out there-
    how old would you guess it is, that matters if you are looking for repair parts-
    sometimes that model info is on the back side if the first part that sticks up from the sink-
    if not & you can take a close-up picture of it-take that to Ace/Home depot/Lowes etc.
    Stop at the service desk & ask for help in the Plumbing supply dept-they will-
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  4. synchronicity915 Says:

    You’ll need a screwdriver, some waterproof lubricant, and you’ll need to remove the old rubber gaskets, take them to the hardware store and match them up with new gaskets. Be careful you don’t score the metal when you remove them. When you have your new gaskets put some of the lubricant on them and slide them into place. Put it back together and be careful not to strip the screws out. That’ll fix your water leak.

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