How do i get rid of cockroaches in my kitchen sink?

Our sink is clean, but for some reason we have had cockroaches start climbing out of the drain ! I live in the dessert and for some unholy reason the damn things are EVERYWHERE. we havnt had a problem yet as our apartment is on the second floor, but they are starting to apear on our balcony and as i said, in my sink. I have a baby on the way in 2 weeks, and the last thing i want is a roach problem ! HELP !

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  1. Yea_im_that_guy Says:

    I agree with the first person’s response. You’re neighbors proabably have an infestation and you should contact your landlord. In the meantime…you can combat roaches by keeping everything SPOTLESS! I have also found that bleach is a very effective deterrent against roaches. Clean with it on all of your surfaces and I would try to pour a bit down your sink once or twice a day. Pair this cleaning technique with conventional roach baits and insectisides and you should see the roaches disappear. I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to eliminate a roach problem. You just have to make conditions uncomfortable enough so that they simply leave and do not use your home as a nesting or dwelling site. Message me back and let me know if that worked for you.

  2. J. D Says:

    sounds like your neighbors have them… you probably need to let the Landlord know and have them exterminate.

  3. debbiecsrb Says:

    Borax and sugar…they get a hold of that it will blow them up inside.

  4. ihateobama_23 Says:

    well you know i get rid of them by eating them. They are really crunchy!! i like them and even though my house is pretty dirty i dont get them anymore i can eat them at your house if you would like, but i know they are yours and you should have them but i am craving them i am pregnant and have cravings okk its not my fault COCKROACHES!! YUMMY!!!!

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