How can I increase the water pressure in my kitchen sink?

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  1. alvarz Says:

    if the faucet has an aerator screen on the end of it then unscrew it and clean it.

  2. hurricanelarry Says:

    /\ Thats a good start, but to increase the pressure you need to increase the size of the feed line. Most common sizes in homes today are 1/2 inch to the faucet.

  3. const. king Says:

    The above 2 answers are good, but if the screen is clean and the line is a 1/2" feed try checking the valve below your sink.
    It could be faulty or possibly not opened all the way.

  4. xenon Says:

    If you have old lead or iron pipe, the chances are that it is less than 1/2 ", Pipes being fitted now have 4 times the flow rate, i,e, 28mm medium density poly pipe MDPE

  5. Mista Ricksta Says:

    The 800 lb gorilla everyone else is ignoring is the FACT that you MAY need to adjust the fixture to which the sink is attached. Turn the hot and the cold side up higher. THIS is a bit easier than pulling out that little aeration screen.

    If they are turned on full already, THEN you can pull and clean that aerator screen.

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