Gnats swarming around my kitchen sink?

How the heck do I rid of the gnats they arent anywhere but around my sink I have tried vinegar but it didnt work "except the smell darn near killed me"!!!
They arent by my trash can or near any fruit. Just the darn sink. I dont want to spray bug spray, I honestly think they will fly away quicker than the spray will come out, they are very fast, I am looking for an istant kill here Im seriously at the breaking point with these darn things.
Any advice please would be greatly appreciated

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  1. justaboutpeace Says:

    Check the garbage disposal there must be somewhere that they are spawning and eating and it could be in the sink from the garbage disposal. You can run bleach through it and spray so that you can kill those that are out there and then give your sink a thorough clean with bleach, suds and hot water. There are also these little packets that you can put into the garbage disposal to clean it. You can purchase them at any hardware store, Menards, ACE, etc., and they go into the disposal and you run the disposal and put hot water and it creates a blue suds that comes up both sides of the sink and when it disappears run more water and both sides are clean.

    Other than this the only thing that I can think of is to call an exterminator because gnats bite and it hurts too. I had a bad case of them and found out it was our garbage disposal.

  2. texasbluezman Says:

    flush your commodes

  3. lilabner Says:

    check your house plants for bugs, stir the soil around a look—get them out of the house and repot after washing off the roots with a vinegar solution.

  4. Buntee‚ô•Baby Says:

    clean your home

  5. Hottie Says:

    It’s time to clean the sink..Duhh.. Clean it well and then spray lots of bug spray in that area it will get rid of most then repeat with what is remaining..

  6. I am woman Says:

    Get a small jar with a metal top and put small holes in it.
    Pour apple cidar vinegar in and watch them love it
    They cant get back out once they are in.
    Put it by your sink.

  7. sandrarosette Says:

    I know how frustrating this can be, as a total neat freak, I freaked out when I had the same thing. No apparant reason for them being there,
    I got some fly paper strips that hang from the cieling, and they stuck to it. Problem solved. Hang it over the sink though

  8. Steve C Says:

    just pour some wine in ashallow dish the gnats will go to it and drown.

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