Can a person baptise themselves with their head below the tap in the kitchen sink?

Or does baptism have to be done by a priest with holy water in a certain place?

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  1. prissy_chick_08 Says:

    According to my raising in the catholic church (not saying its right or wrong still trying to make up my mind on that one) one cannot baptize them self. BUT in order to be baptized you do not need holy water. As long as you are a catholic and have received the sacrament of confirmation if someone where dying before your eyes and they asked to be baptized you DO have the authority to baptize them using any type of pure water. (not anything carbonated or anything) but you couldn’t do that on like a daily basis unless you were ordained only in an emergency and if the person asked you cannot offer. hope that helped :]

  2. Solly Svengali NOR♦CAL R&S Says:

    No. Even Jesus – who was purportedly sinless – needed someone else to be baptised. Too bad the guy lost his head over it.

  3. Kanye East Says:

    Depends on religion. But I think I can speak for most when I say no to the sink one.

  4. yahoohelper Says:

    If you can baptise yourself, then I baptise myself everyday when I take a shower. It has to be done by a priest with holy water in a church

  5. Prophet bbqdog Says:

    You need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit as per scripture. You only need to be baptized by someone that knows the bible. A water baptism only a show of repentance but the baptisms of the Holy Spirit is to be born again.

  6. lisa Says:

    Go ahead

  7. planetdan22 Says:

    Yes Yes Yes. It is not the Religious act of being Baptized but it is the desire of your Heart to Declare your dedication to God.
    Commonly you would be Baptized in a public setting since it is also a public declaration of your devotion to God.
    Your Heart to Love and Serve God is greater than any Religious propriety.

  8. Aynoynymous Says:

    Although you can baptize anywhere (Jesus was baptized in a river), you need someone with the authority to baptize. Or else every human being on Earth will be Christians.

  9. leethewong Says:

    No, the baptism has to be done by God with the Holy Spirit and fire.

  10. Instant Star Just Add Coffee Says:

    If that’s true I’ve baptized myself numerous times in the kitchen sink, of course it involved shampoo.

    Is Herbal Essences part of the equation?

  11. ENDRE J Says:

    Intrinsically, it would be as valid as any baptism, since all things outside the realm of nature are valid or invalid by subjective belief, regardless of how many millions concur in the belief.

  12. synaptic distress Says:

    The general consensus, when I asked about that, was that you could…;_ylt=Al6ZCWWAENwQzkKhOGZUxkTh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080921002150AAJ2Bto

  13. Tigereyes Says:

    To be baptized, you need to be immersed into the water, and done by someone who knows the Holy Bible. It can be done at a lake, ocean, or gravel pit.

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