Will SOS pads ruin my Stainless Steel Sink?

I have a stainless steel sink in my kitchen. It is older, has lost its shine, and has years of build up and some paint marks on it. What is the best way to get rid of the marks and stains? I have tried a polish with no luck. Will an SOS pad work, or will that ruin the stainless steel? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. curious Says:

    Don’t use an SOS pad — it will leave scratch marks!

    I found this info from

    Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink

    Materials and Ingredients:

    3 parts cream of tartar
    1 part hydrogen peroxide
    Small bowl
    Damp cloth

    Mix 3 parts cream of tartar and 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl.

    Dip a damp cloth into the mixture and massage the stain well. Let dry.

    Once the cleaning solution is dry, wipe with a damp cloth.
    Removing Rust Spots from a Stainless Steel Sink

    Materials and Ingredients:

    1 part cream of tartar
    A little lemon juice
    Small bowl

    Mix the cream of tartar and lemon juice in a small bowl and mix.

    Apply the paste to the rust stains and massage it in.
    Note: If the rust is heavily embedded, let the cleaning paste sit for hours.

    Wipe clean!

    Tip: If the rust still won’t come off, bring in the HEAVY-DUTY solution:

    Pour a little lighter fluid on a paper towel and rub over the rust, and if it’s taking some time for the rust to come off, add a little more lighter fluid. Safety Alert: Please use caution when using lighter fluid.
    The Queen’s Dirty Little Secrets

    Cream of tartar is one of nature’s bleaching agents.

    To clean water spots off a sink, pour some white vinegar on a soft cloth and wipe.

    For a good regular cleaning of any sink, sprinkle baking soda on the surface, work it in well and rinse.

    To make sure your stainless steel sink stays shiny, apply a little baby oil to a soft cloth work it into the sink and dry with a paper towel.

    A book called, "Fabulous Household Hints & Tips" suggested

    Treat rust marks by rubbing with lighter fluid. Then wipe clean.
    For water spots or hard water buildup, wipe with white vinegar and flush well with water, then buff with a dry cloth.
    To deep clean, wipe with a solutionn of ammonia and water or dish detergent and water. Dry throughly to avoid spots.
    Always remember to wipe clean and dry the sink after use.

    Also from http://www.aboutsinks.com/stainless-steel-sink.asp?keyword=cleaning-stainless-steel-sink&engine=yahoo&contextual=no
    It’s not difficult to keep your stainless steel sink clean and lustrous. Harsh chemicals are not needed. Usually wiping with a common kitchen cleanser and a rinse after are sufficient. There are some things that can mar the finish of a stainless steel sink, however. Salt, cleansers containing Chlorides, wet cloths and overly hard or soft water should not be allowed to stand on the surface of the sink for an extended period of time. As well, hot pots should not be placed directly onto stainless steel, and you should not use your sink as a cutting board. Most of these recommendations are common sense, use it and your stainless steel sink will retain its original satiny luster for as long as you own it.

    Also another website to check out

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