Are acrylic sinks really better than cast iron ones?

I love the look of the white cast iron sinks, but they are heavy and expensive and I heard they rust and stain easily. I was looking into the acrylic version since they look identical and they claim to be stain resistant and scratch resistant. Does anyone know if this is the case or should I just stick with the plain stainless sinks?

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  1. oldehippy99 Says:

    I also like the white enameled cast iron sinks but the twice I’ve had one, the enamel eventually got a chip. The sink didn’t rust but it was black under the enamel and looked bad. The enamel sold to paint over chips really doesn’t work very well.

    I suppose acrylic sinks don’t stain or scratch — as long as you don’t use them but I’ve never seen one more than a few years old that didn’t look dingy.

    I now stick to stainless — not the lowest grade though because they "ding". You can tell the better grade in the store just by rapping your knuckles or a key chain on the bottom. The better grade makes a lower pitched sound.

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