Why does my cat sleep in the bathroom sink?

She has a nice bed and a million other places to choose from. Why does she choose this one?

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  1. old cat lady Says:

    You are not alone! Go to http://www.catsinsinks.com and see.

  2. lizzy Says:

    she probably just like how cool it is. All that fur makes them warm and the smooth cool surface is calming to them. My cats love to lay in the bathtub.

  3. My Snakes Want To Eat You! Says:

    When my cats were young, they used to sleep in the bathtub, bathroom sink and the kitchen sinks. I think they just liked it because it was cooler for them.

  4. ilovemonchats Says:

    My cat does this too. She watches me turn on the sink, then she paws it, after, shakes water off her paw. I think it’s curiousity. And maybe it’s cooler, or maybe she just likes it. Or she can be marking her territory. Cats roll around to put their scent there so they can come home if they go out.

  5. srebhanks4 Says:

    The sink is a cool spot for them to relax in. I have a cat bed, and a fleece blanket, and my cats play around in the sink and bathtub.


    she feels safe and comfortable there. go to home depot and buy a sink and dress it up as a cat bed. your cat will love you for it.

    p.s. buy the most expensive sink.

  7. Alyssa Says:

    It’s what’s comforable for her. That’s just how cats are.

  8. Micklips Says:

    Haha, so does mine! I think because they fit into so well. I don’t know! LOL

  9. HeatherFeather Says:

    My cats all take turns during that once in awhile. I think it must be because the sink is cool.

  10. ***HDK*** Says:

    wow, my cat does that too, I wonder how common it is. Sometimes cats just do weird things as they think of them.

  11. HobbesMom Says:

    My cat does that constantly! But she is also obsessed with water. She loves getting soaked in the shower and then running through the house leaving little wet paw prints everywhere.

  12. James B Says:

    Because its like a safe hideout. Also, its a cool place to lay down, like being in front of a fan for you. high up to pounce on prey. Is your kitty getting pleanty to drink? If you have a drip he may lay there to get some water.

  13. lucy g Says:

    The sink is cool and smooth and they can curl up in a ball and feel comfy. Cats also like the tub and by being in the bathroom, they usually get your undivided attention.

  14. Aspasia Says:

    Cats like a nice, secure place to sleep. Many like to sleep in close quarters because it feels safe and secure to them. My cat loves to sleep in the bathroom sink but he is getting too big for it! It can be amusing to watch him try to squeeze in there to attempt to become comfortable.
    You will also notice that when you bring home new shoes and the cat hops in the box and falls asleep? Same reason, cats seem to like close quarters when they sleep. A friend of mine has this huge purebred Ragdoll, that will do this, and the box will burst at the seams and will be close to falling apart, but this cat is in heaven and will sleep the day away in that box!

  15. mysterycat Says:

    My cat does this too. He seems to like the small space that is cool to curl up in. The small space may feel like a den to her and she might like it more than her bed because it’s familiar to her. Some cat breeds actually like water(my cat likes water and will sometimes swim).

  16. ashley Says:

    my cats like that to i really dont know why i think as funny as it sounds is that they like the surprise element of the water sound and feeling the coolness it is just surprising!

  17. number_one_mommy2005 Says:

    its perfect for them to lie in! perfect size, perfect shape, and i think it makes them feel safe. i checked out that website catsinsinks.com, and it was soo cute!

  18. Lisa L Says:

    My cat likes to play in the sink, but she hasn’t slept there yet. That is too funny. Sorry I wasn’t much help, I just had to tell you that my cat loves to play in the sink.

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