Why does my bathroom sink fill with water quickly and drains slowly?

Why does my bathroom sink fill up with water quickly and drains slowly even after I fully cleaned the trap under the sink?
The stopper is clean, what can I do about the water pressure?

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  1. Eggman Says:

    Verify that the stopper is opening and closing completely. If it’s not, check for anything under the sink that is preventing the lever from going the whole way down.

    Disconnect the stopper and clean it thoroughly. Most are connected by a thumb screw to the output pipe of the sink from the back, right above the trap. These are typically very easy to disconnect, a little more difficult to reconnect.

    If this looks clean, disconnect the trap again and run a snake (or a cheap hair-grabber) through the pipe after the trap.

  2. Mark Says:

    if the incoming water has a higher pressure? it will always fill the sink faster

    if the outgoing water has a lower pressure? it will always empty the sink slower

  3. lookingbears Says:

    The other problem could be that your stopper is not opening all the way. Also check before and after the trap for hair. Sometimes hair will hang on to the stopper, so pull that out and clean it.

  4. zebadee Says:

    perhaps the pipe is blocked

  5. c_kayak_fun Says:

    I had that same problem even after dismantling and cleaning my p-trap. Then I spotted a cheap odd tool in the Home Depot plumbing department when I stopped to get drain cleaner for it. It was only $1.99 and looked like a 24" long white plastic wire tie with barbs molded onto it (like a bee’s stinger.) I think it was called a Zip-It. I figured what the heck and bought it. You fish it down the sink drain, twist it around and pull it out again. Whoa! Better have a roll of paper towels handy because you won’t believe the nasty alien sludge goo that comes out in clumps, hooked on the barbs of the tool. Big wads of hair matted in black, soapy slime that was all hanging from the pop-up drain assembly. I shoved the thing down in about ten times until it wasn’t bringing up any more sludge. It drained so fast afterwards I didn’t even bother using the drain cleaner I bought. That was 3 weeks ago and it is still draining great. I just slip the Zip-It down in and retrieve the sludge once a week when I clean the sink now. Pretty cool when something so cheap and simple works so well.

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