Why do I have water coming back up my sink, tub, second bathroom?

I just moved in to a brand-new mobile home at a mobile home park nov 5 and today I flushed my toilet and the water would not drain, bubbles came out of my sink, and water came out of my 2 showers in the house… I don’t know if it’s the bathroom or if it’s the plumbing… The landlord said since we buying the house we have to take care of it… I have no idea if it’s something I can fix or if it’s a major problem. Help!!!

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  1. wvparanormal Says:

    There is a clog in the main sewer line, somewhere between the toilet and the septic or sewer. If the clog is in the sewer line underground, that would be the landlords responsibility unless you are buying the land as well.

    Or your septic tank is full and not working (landlords responsibility)

  2. H멆ø® Says:

    Sounds like someone dropped a log in the toilet.!
    ummm from my plumbing experience looks like you got a pipe clogged with roots and dirt!

  3. Stephen Says:

    A Blocked vent will cause you drains to bubble, because it wants to breathe. If Water is backing up, then your main line leaving the trailer is blocked (or if you have septic, it may be full.) Open the clean out plug, and try opening the blockage.

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