what is the best product to unclog a bathroom sink?

i think it has hair in it is there something that eats hair?

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  1. silverblack12345 Says:

    Liquid Plumber

  2. okayokayokay Says:


  3. dumpfinds Says:

    You might start with running hot water through and a plunger – if all else fails, then go for the Liquid Plumber and then consider buying a screen that doesn’t allow hair to go down the drain, but actually clogs it on the surface so you can lift it immediately out.

  4. Keep.It.Simple Says:

    Yank out the stopper and see whats in there. Use a coat hanger wire cut with a hook and dig in. If nothing then its deeper. Draino like others said.

  5. donfpizza Says:

    try either drano or liquid plumber

  6. renegadesail Says:

    The best product is a little elbow grease. Remove the P trap & cleen it out, all the hair and junk. It is shaped like a J. Place a pan under the drain line and remove the two nuts holding it in place.Pull down and it’s off. Replace in reverse order.

  7. mark Says:

    check at wal-mart or your local home center store for a device called "zip-it" it is a long piece of plastic with teeth in the sides. Side it in the sink and slowly pull it back out. It is gross and you will pull up a chewbacca but without using any chemicals. It cost about 2 or 3 dollars. It says to throw it away after use but, i clean it off and put it back it the packaging for later use. I have to use mine at least once a month because of the long haired girls in my house.

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