Tiny black worms coming out of our bathroom sink?

ok so there black worms comign out of my sink.. 4 actaully my mom told me she was cleaning the sink and alot of my hair was in it(not to gross anyone out) and she said they were tiny black things.. she thinks its from the scum we have in our drain? yeah well not sure. my house isnt like some nasty old dirty house its clean but like ew worms.. anyone have an idea of what they could be? if there like bad?just anything reallly..

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  1. John Black Says:

    yea parasites or larvae from some fying insect that went down there and laid eggs. Most residential sewers and septic systems are home to a terrifying amount of worms, from flukes and flatworms to actual tapeworms and nasty weird things, but my guess is that what she saw was larval insects from something that got in through a window or something. Either way pour 1 cup of bleach down the dry drain, wait 10 minutes then pour a pot of boiling water down to rinse out the bleach and whatever nasty stuff was there away.

  2. ShamWow Says:

    Some sort of fungal parasite is growing in there.
    Get the bleach and pour it down the drain, fast.

  3. Tawp64 Says:

    You should probably call a plumber or something…
    Maybe google it.

  4. Bubblesz Says:

    u probaly have 2 call a plumber 2 clean it

  5. Wally Z Says:

    It is probably living there, particularly in the trap. You can clean the trap, usually takes about 10 minutes. Another thing you can do is to put some rubbing alchohol or Drano in there, leave the stopper in for about 30 minutes, then fill the sink with water as hot as you can stand it (in case you have to reach in to pull the stopper), then pull the stopper and run the hot water for awhile. The best method is to clean the trap. z

  6. JIM Says:

    Poor little bleach down it dailly before u go to bed, they wll be gone fast….

  7. clcprodigy Says:

    Called drain moths they will be flying soon pour in some drain cleaner. If any turn into flies, just mix some dish soap and vegetable oil in a hand squirt bottle set on a bit of a spray and spay they will fall, but if you clean the drain now the drain cleaner will kill them before they turn into flies.

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