Sometimes when I flush the toilet the bathroom sink or tub gurgles. Is this ok or is there need for worry.?

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  1. sensible_man Says:

    Sounds like a clogged vent pipe. Drainage systems need air to operate properly. This air is obtained from the vent pipe (same one that goes out the roof). If the fixture cannot get air from the vent, it takes it from the nearest fixture. When this happens, the water in the trap is sucked out, which allows sewer gas to enter the home. You need to find the blockage since sewer gas is neither good smelling or safe.

  2. aladdinwa Says:

    It means your drain pipes are starting to clog and close up. Use some drain cleaner (e.g. Liquid Plumber) until the gurgling stops.

  3. Allison S Says:

    Maybe you need to put some drain cleaner or septic tank product down the drains

  4. Rehabhandyman Says:

    Sounds like you have a potential clog building help and before this happens and you have a major back up I would suggest running a closet auger to free up any build up. You will want to feed the tip of the auger gently into the drain opening and push down and crank clockwise until the cable resists turning once this occurs turn counter clockwise until the cable is as far down as it will go. Pull the handle up as you continue cranking. Now use a plunger and plunge and flush again to see if it runs freely.

    If this does not work, you most likely have a problem deeper in your plumbing lines and at this point you should call a plumber or drain clearing service.

  5. plumber Says:

    possible sign of early stoppage

  6. Spam Says:

    Time for the Roto Rooter man, I would say you have roots invading your plumbing

  7. DAN Y Says:

    There’s a problem in the venting system.

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