My bathroom sink smells like sewer – what can I use to get rid of the smell?

It was recently clogged for a long time. Then the plumber came and unblocked it and it was fine. It has been draining just fine, with no stench for the past month or so, but now suddenly we get a waft of what smells like raw sewage everytime we run water in the sink. I can’t imagine what is causing it. It’s not clogged. We pour bleach down the overflow hole and in the drain itself. Nothing will get rid of it. It’s gross. I would appreciate any helpful tips! Thanks!

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  1. TomCom Says:

    >> I just re-read your question.
    This isn’t drain / waste / vent related at all.

    Your sink has an overflow. This is a hollow chamber which by-passes the stopper, to prevent water from over flowing onto the floor when you fill the sink basin. The outlet for the chamber is below the stopper. While your drain was clogged, water (and whatever else was in it) filled this chamber. Whatever was left behind, in that dark / damp place, has had time to grow and fester. Chances are very good that you now have bacteria, mold and mildew living inside the overflow chamber! The bleach obviously hasn’t reached it. And, bleach doesn’t kill everything!
    Buy a can of foaming (anti-bacterial) Scrubbing Bubbles. Spray it directly into the overflow (up, down and sideways) to fill the ENTIRE chamber. Allow it to sit and do its thing. You might even consider re-treating later, just in case some manages to survive the first dose.

  2. mal Says:

    air freshner

  3. kingsley Says:

    make a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice. make it thick enough to stay in the drain, but thin enough to pour down the drain. let sit overnight. then boil some hot water and then pour this hot water down the drain to flush it out.

  4. denise Says:

    Try a half of cup of each of white vinegar and baking soda in the drain. It will boil up. Let sit for twenty minutes. Then flush with hot water.

  5. Jasper Says:

    Well, most likely that the plumber did something as the smell shouldn’t be able to travel upwards because of the trap.

    What is a trap? It’s the U shape under the sink.

    It’s function is to hold water so that the smell doesn’t travel upwards. Check to see if it’s still there or if there is a hole. Without a trap, no amount of bleach or air freshener is going to remove the smell.

  6. wayne f Says:

    my first question to you would be do you have a ptrap installed in the drain because the ptrap is filled with water which creates a water seal to prevent and gas or odor from coming up the drain from the drain pipe. If you are not sure what a ptrap is I am including a link to the page.

  7. alergic3 Says:

    A scented candle.

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