How to get rid of ants from coming through the bathroom sink?!?!?

We have had ant problems in our bathroom! One day I watched the sink for like 20 seconds and ants start coming out! I don’t know how to get rid of them! Any suggestions?! Thank you!

(for the person who answered my last question EXACTLY like this one, as you can see I posted where they were coming from twice. THE BATHROOM SINK!)
From drain

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  1. casey s Says:

    If you have a P trap on your sink they should not be able to come through. A P trap is an S shaped pipe beneath your sinks drain it should always have water in it.
    If you do not have a P trap or there is no water in it then you should start with that.

    If your ants are capable of scuba diving their way up through this water barrier then I would recommend a "back water valve" this is a small plastic box with a 1 way flapper type door inside that lets anything from the sink push open the flapper and pass through but closes when anything tries to go up from below

    The back water valve is glued onto your plastic drain pipe after the P trap, you will have to cut the pipe for this and glue in the new piece.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Well, to start off, boil some water and dump it down the drain. That’ll kill whatever’s in there at the moment. However, since they’re coming through your drain and not from outside, that means that they are living underneath your house or within your piping. You MUST call an exterminator. They may have eaten out a good portion of your house’s infrastructure. You must get them removed as quickly as possible or you may have to shell out thousands in house repairs.

  3. captaintimjenkins Says:

    I know but were they coming out of the faucet or the drain or around the fixture?

  4. Chris Says:

    Lay off the acid? Usually helps me when I think ants are coming out of things.

    Realistically though they have to be coming FROM somewhere. If you don’t see exposed pipes they can be entering then I would take some ant killing powder from home depot and sprinkle it in and around your sink where they are coming from. DON’T wash it away or down the drain.

    Then I would go outside and rake around in the yard and nearby. See if you can’t disturb an ant hill then layer it in powder poison too.

    We had a LOT of ants that were attracted to our babies formula powder and getting in the nursery. So one day when we were gardening we came on the hill and dumped the powder on. I also dug up the hill to pour the powder deeper and then I sprayed the base edge of our house with repellent poison (house guard stuff).

    Haven’t seen an ant since.

    The key is taking away what attracts them (food supply) and finding where they are coming from. You can also try making a paste with the poison and running it down the drain.

  5. Fiona Martin-Light Says:

    Firstly you must make sure home is clean and tidy be sure that you do not have rubbish left in the home or food laying about this will attract ants. The two main ways to kill them would be to locate the nest, which may be difficult if they are are coming out the plug hole tip boiling water down there and leave the hot tap running for 30 minutes. You could also try locate the nest and destroy it completely. If you a single ant kill it it is usally the scout sent out to source food for the rest of the colony. I hope this helps.

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