How do you stop a dripping washerless peerless bathroom sink faucet?

I have taken the handle off, and made sure the base is as tight as it can get, but when I turn the water back on, it still drips. (this is the hot water side.) Any ideas short of replacing the faucet will help.

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  1. donkanard Says:

    I had one like that and theres a little part that has to be replaced in it. It’s probably a washerless faucet. It has a worn ceramic part thats a little bigger than a erasor on a pencil. There are kits at the big stores. Try Lowe’s or Home Depot.
    Theres also a phone number for peerless faucets and they’ll help you if you have trouble. I had trouble and they were very patient and helpful. Anyway I fixed it.

  2. jimdebbrunette Says:

    I think if you go to a hardware store you can get innards for peerless faucets.

  3. Spider John Says:

    They are called "washerless" true enough but what they do have is little rubber "boots". They do the same thing as washers. It doesn’t surprise me that it is the hot side because they are always the first to go due to lime build up and such. Change those boots and your problem should be taken care of.

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