How do I get rid of the little black bugs near my bathroom sink?

Our house is really really clean but for some reason we’ve got these flying insects (really tiny) around our bathroom sink. Yesterday morning there were about 5 and I killed them all by splashing water on them. I came back later in the afternoon and there were about 20! My mom took a can of lysol and sprayed them down but there were more again at night. I think they might be fungus gnats because they seem to relish in the moisture. But how do I get rid of them? Someone suggested pouring bleach down the drain but I think this will only be another temporary solution for these pests. HELP!

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  1. theatomicbombshell Says:

    ICK! I have had those before and they are tough to get rid of. I had them in my kitchen around the sink. First I scrubbed the sink and flushed it with hot water and followed that with a cup of bleach. Then, I sat a bowl of water out with a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. It attracted the ones that escaped from their sink lair, in about a week they were almost totally gone. Completely gone after two. Hopes this helps!
    P.S- to keep them at bay, make sure to keep your sink drains clear. I pour the hot water and bleach down my drain once a week.

  2. big puffy shoes Says:

    Flying inspect bug spray works sometimes.

  3. dodrh2000 Says:

    They could be mites. They have colonies outside your house around and under the foundation.

    Have an exterminator look at them. Mine were hard to get rid of.

  4. Enchanted Blue Heron Says:

    They live and breed in the organic material built up in your drains. Clean your drains. I use a cup of vinegar and 1 tbs. baking soda weekly to help keep the drain clean. If the drains have never been cleaned you may need to snake them out first to get them clear and clean.

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