How do I get rid of a sulfur smell coming from the bathroom sink overflow drain?

The smell is definately coming from the overflow. We checked the water and the drain pipes. If we plug the overflow the smell stops. The odd thing is that the smell will go away after a while but will come back after we clean the sink with any sort of cleaning products.
I dont know what caused the smell. We have checked the trap and cleaned it out but the smell still wont go away.

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  1. fluffernut Says:

    This is from

    "Push the sink stopper down and turn on the cold water until it fills the sink. Do you smell the odor? Yes or no. Now open the stopper. As the water drains from the sink, do you smell the odor? Yes or no. I believe you will not smell the odor during the fill cycle. But when draining the sink, you might smell the odor. Using a turkey baster, fill the bulb with household bleach and insert the tip of the baster into the overflow hole in your sink. Let it sit 10 minutes and then run the cold water for 1 or 2 minutes. If your sink odor returns, then have RotoRooter check the sanitary stack pipe for clogs."

    (or any other competent plumber who doesn’t ask, "What the sanitary stack?) The stack is the air vent system for the plumbing in the bathroom. You see it as a small pipe out your roof. These can become clogged over the years.

  2. jusvicious Says:

    The order is sewer gas due to the lack of rain water in city drains. Take some bleach and pour down the drain and overflow if wish, do this several times. You can keep the plug in the overflow drain if wish. Hope this helps

  3. Dr. Spark Says:

    Get rid of it? That means you know what caused it and not worried? I believe baking soda will nutralize sulfer. But out of curiousity where is it origin?

  4. brandon gregg Says:

    Try cleaning the hose if it has one that connects the over flow. Try cleaning the j trap or getting a new one it keeps the smell down it might be older.

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