Can I spray paint my plastic bathroom sink?

I have a very worn plastic sink in my bathroom that has several gouges and burn marks and at time is really an eyesore. I was wanting to use the krylon metallic or hammered paint but I wasn’t sure how it would look or how durable it would be. I am welcome to all repsonses

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  1. I gotta coupe in white Says:

    just get a new one,if its the sink i think ur talking about it….the paint will prob cost u more then the sink…..u need primer and paint so i would just get a new one

  2. Hort Says:

    I did that about seventeen years ago because mine was awful too. I didn’t really think it would last, but it was such a nice change, I didn’t care. First, I cleaned it really well and let it completely dry. Then I taped off the areas I didn’t want painted. I applied several coats, letting it dry very well between them. Then I applied a couple of coats of clear lacquer.
    Much to my surprise, it still looks great.

  3. cstrat513 Says:

    If it is a plastic sink then metalic /hammered paint will not hold, even with a primer. Krylon does make a spray paint for "plastic" products. It has special polymer resin that makes it bond to the plastic better.

  4. Joe Says:

    Yes look in the paint section and they make special paint now for plastic. Follow the instructions on the can on how to prep the area and how to paint. If this is followed you will end up with a nice looking job. Take our time good luck.

  5. My Work Here is Finished Says:

    By the time you clean it and dismantle it(get the chrome off) and prep it properly…for a temporary finish – it ain’t worth the time or money. There are plenty of discounted priced units with chips in the corner…if you trying to save a buck. Otherwise there is enough people doing reno’s that are throwing out perfectly good sinks.
    You need an epoxy type paint(the least of what you can use) or a baked on enamel finish. It just ain’t worth it. Get a steel one. They look ceramic with various colors.
    Again too, it depends what you use the sink for…washing automotive parts…then stainless steel is the answer.

  6. dont know much Says:

    Don’t be daft how much does a new sink cost ?
    get a new one … sod it you will be a long time dead treat yourself .. indulge in some opulence. go crazy live life to the full ..yer go on get a new sink you know you deserve it .. dont you ?
    you will be thrilled to bits and wonder how you ever managed to live with that disgusting ,cheap plastic worn out excuse for a sink for so long .

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